Blog Post 3: Food

So much good food here! All the food I’ve had here has been really great so far. The only trouble I ran into was on the trip around Central Mexico—sometimes, we would go to fast food restaurants and I would have a hard time finding anything to eat other than fries haha. I do love fries though, so it wasn’t too big of a deal. Additionally, the food is generally very inexpensive. Most meals are easily under $8, and even fancier restaurants tend to price their dishes at less than $10. I’ve gotten used to converting prices here due to the school trip, and I don’t even have to think about 20 pesos equaling 1 dollar. It’s just natural at this point (*cue hair toss*).

Back home, Nancy’s family is so sweet and accommodating with my meal restrictions. Most mornings, Nancy’s mom makes me these really good oat smoothies that give me a kickstart for the day (middle left). Occasionally, she picks up these vegan burgers for me as well which are SO GOOD (middle). Middle right are Coyota cookies which have dulce de leche in the middle (also amazing). I’ve also eaten a lot of quesadillas, which I surprisingly don’t have pictured:(. They usually use corn tortillas and this specific, idk what it is. Sooo good. The bottom left picture is of this cake that I ate on Father’s Day. We all went to their grandparents home and everyone kept on feeding me quesadillas and cake. I was very happy, to say the least. Also very full. Reminds me so much of going back to the Philippines, with the ancestral homes and all the cousins you don’t know the names of and so much food… Brings me back, and I love it. Bottom right is from my trip, with Diya, me, and our friends Jeanette and Laiyra. We went to this ice cream place and Jeanette ordered Vanilla ice cream for me, but I think they actually gave me cheese ice cream…. I did not like it hahah. They had all sorts of interesting flavors, like avocado, tequila, bread ice cream. Much more adventurous than your average American ice cream shop, am i right?

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