Blog Post 8: Most Memorable Experience

I think my most memorable experience in Mexico was visiting beautiful towns such as Morelia and San Miguel. I didn’t realize that Mexico had such an interesting history in colonization (even though APUSH did include some information on Spanish colonization of the Americas). I was lucky enough to be able to go on a week-long school trip with Nancy, Diya, and her counterpart Michelle around … Continue reading Blog Post 8: Most Memorable Experience

Blog Post 7: Phoenix

Nancy and the “gurls” (as we affectionately call our counterparts from Hermosillo) are most looking forward to getting to meet people from other countries, shop at our malls, and experience our everyday life with our friends and family. Since they have all already been to Phoenix (and some of the places YAEP is taking us, such as California and the Grand Canyon), this experience will … Continue reading Blog Post 7: Phoenix

Blog Post 5: Journalism

If I’m being completely honest, no one that I’ve interacted seems very interested in news in general. Nancy knows a lot about politics, political parties, and government corruption in Mexico, so I’m assuming that she gets her news somehow… I believe that a lot of information comes from adults reading the news and discussing it with kids, etc. The only sort of “news” I’ve discussed … Continue reading Blog Post 5: Journalism

Blog Post 4: Host Family Interactions

Nancy’s mom, Alicia is so kind and accommodating, taking me to all of these events and cooking me vegetarian meals. Same with Nancy—she has patiently described so many cultural entities to me that I will talk about in the next blog post. For that, I am so grateful. I met Nancy’s dad properly on the first Thursday of my exchange. He is extremely kind and … Continue reading Blog Post 4: Host Family Interactions

Blog 1: Initial Impressions

Having been in Hermosillo for a few days, I already have so much to say about it! When I arrived, my host mom and my host sister, Nancy, welcomed me with open arms and an array of balloons. That pretty much describes the culture here: open, inviting, fun… everything is a fiesta here, you know? People talk with animated gestures and big smiles, offering me … Continue reading Blog 1: Initial Impressions