Blog Post 5: Journalism

If I’m being completely honest, no one that I’ve interacted seems very interested in news in general. Nancy knows a lot about politics, political parties, and government corruption in Mexico, so I’m assuming that she gets her news somehow… I believe that a lot of information comes from adults reading the news and discussing it with kids, etc.

The only sort of “news” I’ve discussed with other teenagers is pop culture. I distinctly remember talking about the whole James Charles Scandal (not the most important thing ever, but still…) with one of Nancy’s friends on the Guadalajara trip. That news comes through social media, which seems to be the primary way teenagers get their information.

Social media is just as big as it is back home, however people don’t use Snapchat religiously and WhatsApp instead of text. Everyone sends each other voice messages and it is more common for people to call each other whereas in the US, people usually just text. The news seems to cover the same types of information that it does in the US: weather, local/domestic/international issues (politics, disasters, etc), celebrity, documentaries, etc.

I have only ever heard music on the radio (and I have traveled in quite a few different cars thus far). The first day I arrived in Hermosillo, we went to an Asian restaurant, and I watched soccer on the screen for a while… That’s pretty much it. There doesn’t seem to be the same obsession with the news that there is in the US. I think it’s honestly a cultural thing—people worry less in general. Surprisingly, no one has brought up American politics to me, though I have brought it up to them a few times. There is a clear consensus in beliefs regarding US politics, however no one is extremely worked up or opinionated regarding them. I have heard a lot of negative remarks on the current Mexican president and past presidents, however, from a variety of people, young and old.

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