Blog Post 8: Most Memorable Experience

I think my most memorable experience in Mexico was visiting beautiful towns such as Morelia and San Miguel. I didn’t realize that Mexico had such an interesting history in colonization (even though APUSH did include some information on Spanish colonization of the Americas). I was lucky enough to be able to go on a week-long school trip with Nancy, Diya, and her counterpart Michelle around Central Mexico. The cities we visited were all so beautiful, colorful, and unique. It reminded me a lot of visiting European towns, with their beautiful architecture, churches, and laid-back lifestyles. I got to try a lot of amazing food and take some pretty cool pictures as well.

I also genuinely enjoyed getting to know Diya, Jaden, and Chenoa. They are all such cool girls, and I feel so lucky to have been able to travel with them!!<3

I don’t think there was a “worst day” of my trip to Mexico. There were certainly a few days where I was home alone (Nancy had a lot of church events), and I felt kind of isolated and bored. However, it was nice to relax sometimes considering the amount of things we did on non-free days.

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